Prevents and Helps Heal Tongue Sores Caused by Dental Expanders and Other Ortho Devices. Patent Pending

Dental expanders and other dental appliances can cause significant discomfort and often lacerations to the tongue. The metal used to make these dental appliances can also cause an allergic reaction in some individuals. My son had such an extreme reaction to his expander that I had to do something to help him and so, Tongue Guard™ was born. Tongue Guard™ is a custom-fit, soft tray that conforms to your mouth for a comfortable and reliable fit. It creates a smooth hypo-allergenic barrier between the dental appliance and your tongue. It works best when used as soon as your dental appliance is placed, as a preventative measure. This will keep your tongue from becoming sore, cut, and/or possibly infected. However, if you are already experiencing adverse effects from a dental appliance, Tongue Guard™ can provide immediate relief and speed healing. You can wear it as often and for as long as needed and it is recommended you wear it at night, as your tongue relaxes against the dental appliance as you sleep which can cause great discomfort upon waking.
  • Prevents tongue sores and infection
  • Shields your tongue
  • Promotes healing to tongue sores and infections
  • Keeps tongue off painful dental appliances
  • 3 trays to make new guards as your mouth changes shape


My expander was murder on my tongue! The metal was just digging into my tongue and hurt so bad. Thank goodness for this tongue guard.I don't know what I would have done.It really does guardy your tongue form the metal expander and allows your tongus to heal. Just wish I would have had one to start off with.

Brittany W, Customer

My daughter had her expander put in and the next day she started complaining that her tongue was hurting. I looked at it and she had indentations from the expander on her tongue. Her tongue pressing against the metal expander was making it painful for her to eat, drink and even talk. Her orthodontist suggested trying to put some wax on the expander but the wax would not stay on. After searching the web for help, I came across this Tongue Guard. As soon as it came in the mail we tried it. She said it felt so much better as soon as she put it in. It’s only been 2 days but her tongue is already almost healed. If you, a loved one or a friend is experiencing this, I would highly recommend this guard.


My Granddaughter got an expander put in by the orthodontist. It cut up her tongue immediately. We found these and when she got them, had immediate relief. Easy to use. Comes 3 to a pack. Her orthodontist didn’t know they made such a thing.

Betty Hyde

I had an expanded put in the roof of my mouth and my tongue was really irritated. This REALLY helped provide relief while my mouth adjusted to the expander. Money worth spending and am so thankful for this guard.

Jason W